The Soulful Living Blueprint

It’s a philosophy you choose to live by.  

It’s an exciting way of life. It’s a joyous way of living.

And it is how you Live from your True Soul’s Expression!!
Life is too short to live by accident anymore! 


You are the one with enthusiasm in your eyes and a longing in your soul.  You are wishing for more in your life but not knowing what exactly that is yet, or maybe a longing inside you is wanting to escape. 

My message to you is that you are not alone or crazy.  I too needed a change and was totally frustrated  with not seeing my path.  I got it!    I am sharing the same step by step system with you that opened up my soul. I know without a doubt what my Soulful Living Blueprint is and so can you!  I believe that everyone is destined for something great and I am here to help you navigate around the roadblocks along the way.
I am Alyson Macleod and I help women  who have lost their drive to succeed, find happiness, passion and confidence again to Live the Life of their Dreams by refocusing, gaining clarity and learning to live in their full Soul Expression!
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Welcome to the Soulful Living Blueprint:

6 Pillars to Claiming, Crafting & Creating the life you Desire! 

Vision & Mission

Your vision & mission together are your strength + sight + destiny path = Your FOUNDATION. We move past what others think you should be (limiting beliefs) and look inside your SOUL to what and who you truly are. You will know your purpose and create a rock solid Foundation for your Life!


Do you know your love language? In relationships we start with finding out who you are and how you show up in the relationships you have around you. Then we look at others and how you can hold space for anyone!

Health and Wellness

This is one of the biggest and most demanding of all Pillars because it is how you show up for YOU every day. We have to eat and drink water every day but it seems to be the most emotional and challenging tasks most people endure. We tackle these challenges on a very personal level and WE WIN!


Do you know your Godly gifts and how to apply them in all the Pillars of your life? We continue on from your vision and mission to understand the power and love of humanity in your sphere and how to unleash it for good.


Whether an executive, clerk, entrepreneur or student, we look at how YOU being YOU matters every day. We craft YOUR miracle morning for a powerful start to your day and help you lay out what is truly important for success, wealth building and internal leadership. We help you balance your Warrior with your Wizard for perfect harmony in all situations.


A Sustainable Community starts with you and I. It is what we do to give back and how we allow ourselves to receive. This comes down to balance and can come in many forms, shapes and sizes. It is the "Good Feeling Causes" that become second nature to you and what that means to those who receive it!

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Nothing warms my heart more than happy clients that experienced an instant change in their life after our sessions.


I have been very fortunate to be a part of amazing projects as an author and these are some of my proudest works. We are able to help and inspire thousands of women with these books so far – and we’re only just beginning!


I love learning and sharing what I learn.  You will find information on all the 6 Pillars and helpful hints and tips from other amazing bloggers as well!  

Trust The Process

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?  I have not done so since the first year I opened my gyms in 2003.  So many women flooded

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